yesterday was my birthday YEEEEEEEY

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The 7 Heroes of Olympus → First Words to Say (x) insp

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"Percy!" Annabeth’s voice cracked.  "Why did you leave me?" -House of Hades (235)

So! Hello again boys and girls, today has been particularly productive in terms of art at least. ANYWAY. So I was re-reading parts of House of Hades and I read the part where Percy had to fight off the Arai, who would curse him and Annabeth. Ugh I felt so bad for Annabeth when she went blind and then was given Calypso’s curse unu. I really wanted to try and capture Annabeth’s desperation and fear, so here it is!

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I can’t believe I’ve finally finished it. I love kigurumies yea

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It was just going to be the percy one i swear i don’t know what happened

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percy jackson + som characters

↳percy, grover, clarisse, annabeth

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happy birthday, annabeth - july 12th

↳  “I learned a long time ago: never bet against Annabeth.”  (x/x

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(Source: l-leovaldez)

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Super-Jason_sketches by Blue-Wave-789

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All you need to know about Reyna is that she’s the kind of person who could pilot a Jaeger entirely on her own. Metaphorically, she sort of already has.

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